One arrested over theft of Matoke in Kanungu

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May 28, 2024    By Uziah    ,

One arrested over theft of Matoke in Kanungu

Story by Vanansio Mbabazi Kakogoso

Kigezi Police spokesperson Elly Maate

Police in Kanungu have arrested Salva Tulindwamukama, on suspicion of stealing a bunch of matoke.

According to reports, on the 26th of May, 2024, at approximately 7:00 am, Dismus Turyahabwa from Kanyantorogo cell filed a theft report at the Kanyantorogo police post.

Following the report, authorities, accompanied by a police sniffer dog, investigated the scene. The dog led them approximately 200 meters away, where they apprehended the suspect.

Upon searching his residence, the stolen matoke was recovered.

Elly Maate, the police spokesperson for the Kigezi Region, emphasized the importance of utilizing and benefiting from police dog services to combat the prevalent theft of coffee, matoke, and domestic animals in the district.

Maate stated that upon the conclusion of investigations, the suspect will be brought before the courts to face appropriate charges.