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May 14, 2023    By admin   

Ugandans to pay more for US visas

The United States Mission in Uganda has today announced increase in non immigrant visa application processing fees effective 30th May, 2023.

According to a statement issued by the Embassy, the U.S. Department of State will increase the application fee for business or tourism visitor and other non-petition based non immigrant visas such as student and exchange visitor, from 596,000 Shillings (US Dollars160) to 690,000 (US Dollars 185).

The Uganda Shillings figures are derived from a dollar exchange rate of 3,720 Shillings.

The Embassy says that the application fee for certain petition-based non immigrant visas for temporary workers will increase from 707,000 Shillings (US Dollars 190) to 763,000 (US Dollars 205) while that for a treaty trader, investor, and applicant in a specialty occupation will increase from 763,000 (US Dollars 205) to 1,172,000 Shillings (US Dollars 315).

“Applicants who have already paid a visa application fee that is currently valid and non-expired, but who have not yet appeared for their visa interview or are waiting for their case to be processed; and applicants who pay the fee before the May 30, 2023, will not have to pay the fee difference,” reads a statement by Anthony Kujawa, the Embassy Spokesperson.

He adds that all non immigrant visa application fee payments made on or after 1st October, 2022, are valid for 365 days from the date a receipt is issued for payment of the fee.

“Applicants must schedule an interview appointment or submit an interview waiver application during this 365-day period.  Please note applicants must only schedule their interview or submit their interview waiver application within the 365-day period,” he explains.

The Embassy also says that there is no requirement that the interview must occur during the 365-day period and that all receipts for payment of fees issued before 1st October, 2022, were extended until 30th September, 2023, and remain valid until that date.

It is estimated that the US government makes 12 billion Shillings a year from Uganda’s visa applicants.

Speaking to journalists in December last year, Sally Sternal, the consular officer at the embassy said that only half of the 20,000 Ugandans apply for visa every year to travel get it.

She attributed the high rejection of visa applications to failure by applicants to prove ties outside the U.S and visa fraud.